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What are the next steps when your design is complete and ready for the world? You get people to come visit your page. But how? And how could you increase more visitors? You increase your search engine ranking.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process which improves the visibility of your website. Because it draws more traffic to a cercain website which helps with the advertising and marketing of businesses, services and organizations, it is a foundation for any web marketing strategy and web development process. Search Engine Optimization includes web content optimization, page structure and the use of keywords, thus allowing search engines to read websires and determine their search rankings.

Pennye For Your Thoughts can help you get higher rankings in the most popular search engines so that visitors are more likely to visit your page. There are many variables that search engines such as google use to determine the relevancy of your site. Relevancy determines ranking. There are tweaks that can be implemented in your new or existing site that will allow your relevancy ranking to increase.

Search Engine Optimization

You want to show up on Google, Yahoo & Bing, right?


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See how visitors find your site and what pages they visit.

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